About Us...

About the Company....

UST INDIA, is a highly regarded Information Technology organization founded in as a Bangalore corporation with its headquarters in Florida USA. Since then UST India has been providing a full range of innovative and cost effective IT services and solutions that focus on satisfying client needs worldwide. 

UST India takes immense pride in its growth and successful performance to date, which can be directly attributed to our customer's satisfaction and confidence in our services. 

The company would allow our clients to harness the maximum advantage of their existing computing infrastructure why's goal is to be a world class global provider of Information Technology services and solutions whichle realizing the benefits of new technologies. The company also seeks to develop long term relationship with its clients based on its commitment to providing the highest professional and quality standards.


The company's expertise extends from traditional Mainframe Legacy systems to Client/Server, N-Tier Architechture, Internet / Intranet and other emerging technologies. The company has a strong focus on integrating new technologies with the existing framework of legacy systems in a manner that the advantages of current technologies are realized while maintaining the existing investment in computing infrastructure or sacrificing the time-tested reliability of older systems and technologies.

UST INDIA has an immaculate and impeccable record of completing all its projects successfully, through technical expertise, which encompasses a broad range of systems development skills: from concept definition and system development to integration and testing. 

UST India's success has also been based on a resourceful combination of technological innovation, professionalism and commitment to excellence. UST INDIA understands an organization's need to meet critical deadlines, to be involved in new project developments while maintaining schedule commitments and budget constraints. In this regard, UST India provides highly qualified professionals to meet such organizational deadlines, working independently or with the existing staff.